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Spotlight-Nadia Pillay!

My favorite quote by Nadia Pillay is “If you are not mentally flexible, you are not going to be physically flexible”.

I first met Nadia in Junior High School in Washington, DC. We then connected again via Facebook. Upon launching my website, she was my very first supporter. Nadia has always had a great energy, she is truly a bright and talented light, and I was thrilled when she agreed to this Spotlight blog. I encourage everyone to visit her webpage Also, you can listen to her speak beautifully and passionately about Yoga during a radio interview. You can find the interview on, Infinite Waters channel. Below please find a short bio of the amazing Nadia Pillay!

Nadia Pillay is a certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor with over 10years of teaching experience. She is also the owner of Sovereign Lineage; a lifestyle design and wellness company that offers private yoga sessions, wellness coaching. She received her training from the Society of Kemetic Yoga under the tutelage of Master Instructor Yirser Ra Hotep. Over the years she has had the invaluable opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of physical and emotional challenges such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, depression, addiction, and anxiety. In addition to providing private and group yoga instruction, Nadia teaches Children’s’ Yoga as well as Infant massage therapy across the Chicago area. Ms. Pillay is the resident Mind-Body wellness Coach for The Love Foundation in Chicago, IL. The Love Foundation facilitates a self-empowerment course for students, as well as young adults in group- homes, referred by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service as well as young adults from the Illinois Juvenile Justice Department. Nadia travels all over the country to teach and will soon be off to Puerto Rico to conduct a Kemetic Yoga workshop-The Qi Gong Path for Inner Empowerment-April 27 to May 3, 2014.

P.S. And yes her diet is Vegetarian ;-)


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