Vegan Sunday-Beef Skewers

Still not 100% since recovering from the flu. I wasn't sure if I was up to cooking a large meal. Therefore, versus the traditional meal my family usually prepares for Easter, we decided to fire up the grill. I decided to add Vegan Beef Skewers to the menu. This is a tasty, quick and easy dish. The key ingredient is the marinade sauce. I chopped up a habanero pepper to add some spice to my sauce. Feel free to be creative with your choice of seasonings, add to olive oil, then toss your veggies in the sauce. For my "meat", I kept it simple and used Gardien Beefless tips. Simply add tips and veggies to skewers (previously soaked in water), place on grill and brush on remaining marinade

Spotlight-Nadia Pillay!

My favorite quote by Nadia Pillay is “If you are not mentally flexible, you are not going to be physically flexible”. I first met Nadia in Junior High School in Washington, DC. We then connected again via Facebook. Upon launching my website, she was my very first supporter. Nadia has always had a great energy, she is truly a bright and talented light, and I was thrilled when she agreed to this Spotlight blog. I encourage everyone to visit her webpage Also, you can listen to her speak beautifully and passionately about Yoga during a radio interview. You can find the interview on, Infinite Waters channel. Below please find a short bio of the amazing Nadia

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