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Spotlight-Leslie Sky

I first met Leslie Sky, well she was Leslie Wilson in 1998-sorry guys she is off the “market”. We instantly became great buddies our freshman year of high school. Leslie has always been so full of life, as I remember all of our adventures through the DMV area and our senior trip to Myrtle beach. Leslie has always been a go-getter. Her unique balance of confidence and humbleness is greatly admirable, and I am so glad to be sharing a part of her story in this blog. Below please find a short bio on the fabulous Leslie Sky!

My name is Leslie and I'm a vegan for 90% of the time, lol. Seafood is just something I haven't been able to give up yet... I grew up eating all types of meat but after I got married in 2005- all that changed. I married a vegan and he encouraged me to change my eating habits as well. My family thought our lifestyle change was strange and would often make jokes about us eating grass. ☺ Although I eat meat from time to time I enjoy the vegan diet and find that I feel better. I am able to better manage my weight, and I like the way my skin responds to the plant based diet! In 2006 I decided to lock my hair. In 2009 we moved to Florida and I found that my hair grew so fast due to the heat and moisture of the warm climate. So, I decided to make my own hair oil and that I mixed with water. It had such great results, my husband and his close friend began using the oil. She loved it so much she started using it on her daughter’s hair too. I named it H2Oil because the oils are infused in water. My mother-in-law tried the product and encouraged me to "bottle that stuff up and sell it". So I did!! H2Oil is now our household staple. I have refined the formula and H2Oil is now an oil infused hair product, which is made from all natural ingredients such as: olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, honey, hamamelis, and essential oil. H2Oil is infused with hydration to help carry the oils to your scalp and hair without weighing it down. Your hair will literally start to thirst for it. The best part is it can be used as a moisturizer for the skin as well. We have found so many good uses for this product! H2Oil can be used as an aftershave, on pets, and on kids!

Here are a few more uses:- deep conditioner- leave in conditioner- face and skin moisturizer - aftershave moisturizer - vaginal lubricant

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