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Reclaiming My Time

Thank You Congresswoman Maxine Waters for the reminder. Its been a while since I posted to my blog. Been a busy last two years, from taking care of a friend heal from pancreatic cancer, to working 3 jobs, studying and obtaining my Enrolled Agent certification, and getting my accounting business started. Going forward, I have to remember to balance my life from working to much and remember to enjoy these moments. I must make time to nurture my hobbies and the things that make life worthwhile. My goal is to live the most magical life possible.

Beginning in 2009 when I chose to live a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, was my first major shift to live a more sacred life. I was reminded in a recent online class I attended by Sole (Nourishing the Goddess), that not only should our eating be sacred, but every aspect of our lives. From brushing our teeth, to getting dress in the morning, to even walking the dog. We should cherish these sacred moments we have during this lifetime. It is time to Celebrate Life! In the words of Louis Armstrong, it truly is a Wonderful World. I have learned that we create the world we live in by our thoughts and words. By making our thoughts and words sacred, we would be amazed at how bright and beautiful our world becomes. So my message to you and myself is to not get distracted by negative energies in the world, remember that this is our time to live the life we have always wanted to live. Make it a Sacred-Magical Lifetime.

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